WhatsApp is a social app on which you can easily message each other, voice messages, make video calls, make audio calls. It has all the features that make human life easy. You can see WhatsApp in different versions. Somewhere you can find Business WhatsApp. 

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Somewhere you can find simple WhatsApp and somewhere you can find different versions of WhatsApp. As you update your WhatsApp version, there is an increase in features inside WhatsApp. 

If you are using WhatsApp Business then you should know that it is used to fulfill the purpose of setting up a business because it is specially made for business purposes only. 

How To Clone Whatsapp

Whatsapp Clone means that you can have two WhatsApps accounts on your mobile at the same time.

First, go to your phone’s settings and after going to the phone’s settings click on app clone.  and Now you have to enable your clone button and you can go to the google play store and install WhatsApp. Now you can use two different types of WhatsApp accounts on your mobile at the same time. 

If you want to clone WhatsApp inside your mobile phone, it is most important that you have two SIMs inside your mobile phone at the same time. and if you do not have two SIMs inside your mobile phone at the same time. So you can’t clone WhatsApp.

How To Change Font Style In Whatsapp 

Inside WhatsApp, when you message someone, you see the different font sizes of WhatsApp. Sometimes your font size is written in very stylish English and sometimes in very simple English.  If you want to change, you have to follow these steps.

You have to open your WhatsApp then you have to click on the options. and then you have to go to settings then after going to settings you have to go to the chat option. And as soon as you get there you will find the font size option and then you have to select the custom font size which you want.

As soon as you come to the font size option on your WhatsApp, you will see some small, big, and largest sizes options here. You can select any font size you want.

How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp 

If you use WhatsApp you will also be aware that we cannot send the longest videos from our WhatsApp as it is included in the terms of WhatsApp. You can send only short videos from your WhatsApp to each other but today I will tell you about the complete and easy way to send people long videos via WhatsApp.

If you have the Documents app inside your phone, you must first move your video inside the Documents app and reduce its size to less than 128 MB.  as soon as you reduce the size of this file to less than 128 MB, you will be able to send long videos on WhatsApp. No matter how big the video is, you just have to make its size smaller.

When you compress the video in the Documents app inside your mobile, you will now need to log in to your WhatsApp account and here you will see a Documents option. You can click on the Documents option. And from there the file has to be selected and sent.

So you can easily send all long videos inside WhatsApp this way. 

How To Add Contact To Whatsapp 

You have to follow these few steps then you can add contacts inside your mobile phone and then you can also add contacts inside WhatsApp.

All you have to do is go to your mobile phone dialer and dial the phone number you want to use within your WhatsApp group. Then you have to save the phone number, and after coming to WhatsApp here, you will see an option at the bottom where there will be a plus icon. You have to click on it and there you will find a list of contacts. You have to click on it and you have to refresh it at the top of the inside of your mobile. There are people on WhatsApp whom you want to contact.

How To Use Whatsapp In Laptop

You don’t have to work hard to use WhatsApp inside your laptop or computer, you just have to follow these few important steps and you can easily use WhatsApp on your laptop or computer. To use WhatsApp inside a computer or laptop, you need to go to any browser on your computer or laptop and go to Web.WhatsApp.com

Then you have to open WhatsApp inside your mobile phone and after that, you will see option three dots inside WhatsApp. You have to select it and then you  Will come in the camera option and you will have to scan the QR code which you will see on the screen of the computer or laptop. as soon as you scan the QR code through the camera of your mobile phone WhatsApp will start running inside your computer or laptop.