Friends, social media is widely used and millions of users on social media keep in touch with each other, so today I will tell you about 5 popular social media platforms. Where you can connect with millions of people and express your thoughts and make new friends.

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So let’s start this article and I’m going to tell you the names of some of the popular platforms below and at the same time I will tell you about them, what are the features that people like about them.

Facebook Social Media

Facebook is the most used platform in the world and there are millions of users. Connect with your friends on Facebook because it is so easy to use and has so many features that people like it.

An interesting thing about Facebook is that most of its users are found in Asia as well as European countries. The number of its users is very high. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who is one of the world’s leading users. They are considered to be the richest people and most of their income comes from Facebook.

Facebook is used a lot and thousands of new Facebook accounts are created on a daily basis. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that Facebook has not only reduced the distances but has also introduced the feature of voice chat and video chat which has made it much easier to talk to each other.

The Facebook application will easily find you on the Google Play Store from where you can download and use it and connect with millions of people at once and share your thoughts with other people in your creations. 

Whatsapp For Voice And Video Chat

WhatsApp is the second largest social media platform in the world after Facebook, which is used by millions of people. The most special thing about it is that you can easily send documents, photos, videos and voice messages to anyone.

Friends, WhatsApp has now been bought by Facebook, which shows how popular Facebook is and how it works under its shadow, so these two applications are now owned by the founder of Facebook.

So you can also use WhatsApp in dark mode and this feature is available so if you want to learn how to turn on WhatsApp dark mode feature then this article will guide you completely.

WhatsApp also protects the privacy of its users for example if somebody sends your message and we want to delete the message other than he can. In this way Whatsapp protects privacy and also does not share Private data with anyone .

WhatsApp available for all types of device is like if you have a laptop can also use WhatsApp easily on your laptop by downloading WhatsApp web. You can also scan QR code on your laptop to use WhatsApp easily. So I hope it will be helpful for you to connect with your friends and family.

Twitter Is best For Business Persons

This is another social media platform which is specially made for business persons and personalities. Best way to share your creations, your thoughts and experiences with people and to raise your voice for your rights

Nobody can ignore its popularity because in a very short period it gained a lot of popularity and was especially used for business persons and politicians. It is like a news platform which shows what’s going on in your country and worldwide.  

Basically Twitter works on trending news and trending hashtags which share the thoughts of people with their politicians. There are also some other popular platforms to tell whether Twitter is the most popular and different because it provides all of the features to its users and clean and a wide experience to use social platforms and share your thoughts and creations easily and to let know what people think about you.

So Facebook and Twitter also provide you the advertisement option to advertise your business and grow it easily. So if you want to start an online business then these platforms are a good way to attract your audience to purchase your items and you can also sell your products very fastly on social media.

So let me know which social media platform you like most and what are the features which you found helpful. All other social media platforms are good like you can also include TikTok and Snapchat which are growing social media platforms day by day and their popularity is touching the sky.