If you have purchased a new iPhone and want to transfer the data from android to the iPhone then this article is a key guide for you.

You will also learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone here. Because sometimes you or your friend may need to transfer photos to another iPhone.

Below are the full details of the Free file sharing apps that we can use for data transfer. Some apps are paid and some of them are free which allow you to send large files free to another phone.

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First, Let me introduce that the iPhone is a device that works like a computer and phones as well. This is the most popular phone in the world and the iPhone market is very wide. It has all the features that you can see inside a computer or laptop.

How To Airdrop From iPhone To Mac

If you want to transfer photos, videos, and various documents from your iPhone to MAC, you have to follow the given steps very carefully.

AirDrop is an invention that has made it much easier to transfer photos, videos, and many other documents directly from your iPhone.

If you want to transfer data via AirDrop, first you have to go to Settings inside your iPhone and from there click on the airDrop option to turn it ON. You will also need to ON this option in MAC and then you will be able to transfer data easily.

  • Select the file or photo that you want to send.
  • Find and click on the share button.
  • Click on the MAC you would like to send the file with.
  • When the process will complete you will see an option of sending.
  • After that process looks in your download folder to find the file

In this way, you can transfer the data from your iPhone to MAC. So, you can see that this is a very easy process to send the data.

How To Transfer Data From iPhone To iPhone ( iCloud backup)

The method of transferring data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is very easy.
You have to follow some of my steps to transfer the data easily.

  • You have to connect your iPhone to the internet. Then open the settings option on your phone.
  • Now search in settings about iCloud. You will see an option of iCloud backup on your phone. Simply click on the backup option.
  • Wait for some moments until the process completes.
  • When the process of backup completes you have to pick up your other phone and start your process.
  • First of all, connect this phone to the internet. After that, sign in with your apple id.
  • There you will see an option of the backup that you have made on your other phone.
  • Wait for the transfer of data from your phone to another phone.

In this way, you can transfer data with iCloud. This is a very easy method that can be understandable by anyone. So, I hope you have understood the method.

How To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone

Ever since the developers of mobile phones applications have developed file sharings apps, people have started sharing data in this way. As well As If you want to transfer data from your iPhone to Android, you need to take some steps.

There are many ways to transfer data from your Android mobile to iPhone, some of which we will discuss in detail below.

  • When you are setting up an iOS device, To transfer data from Android, you have to find Apps & Data screen.
  • Now Install “move to iOS app on your android phone and open it.
  • So now simple click on the right corner and there you will see a code.
  • Now In the iOS Device you will see an option “Move from android.” A code will appear which you need to put on android device.
  • After entering the code, the data transfer screen will open. Now select the files you want to share.
  • Now you have to click on the Send option and then you have to wait for some time till this process is completed.

After you have successfully transferred data, now you can easily set up your iOS device and finish the processing .

That way your whole process will be completed and I hope you have understood this and you will have liked it very much.


Thousands of file sharing applications are available on Play Store and Apple stores Which you can install to transfer data easily.

Share this article with those who want to transfer data from there one smartphone to another. There is also a popular feature named iCloud backup which is mostly used to transfer data from iPhone devices, so you can try this.